Monday, June 8, 2015

Weaver, Orb's Year 948, Teaser

Orb's Year 948
"Durea, stop playing on the bed! It's time for Enzo to take his nap," Cathy Weaver snapped to her younger sister.
She made sure Enzo was tucked away safely before turning back to her sister.
Durea quickly hopped off the bed, "Sorry!" she announced loudly, waking Enzo up.

"Durea!" Cathy sighed, the sound of her frustration and Enzo's wailing trailed her from the family's shared bedroom.
"Mama! Can we..." she skipped into the main hall to find her mother, hard at work.

Akemi shook her head, her nimble fingers busily weaving.  "Not right now, Durea. Go play outside."

"Stop playing. Go play!" Durea muttered under her breath.  Her mother and sister never seemed to have time for her! Perhaps she should throw a tantrum like Enzo!

The door slamming elicited another round of wailing from the bedroom.
Once Enzo was settled again, Cathy came out and joined her mother.  Since her father had died, it had fallen on her mother to find a way to support them.  Noticing the reeds that grew out by the water, an idea had formed.

"Marchant has said that he'll pay us well for our baskets and furniture," Akemi told her daughter. 

Cathy nodded, attempting to copy her mother's instructions.  Her fingers ached from the effort.  It would be worth it when they had money to put food on their table!

*AN:  This amazing basket weaving set is available thanks to Sunni & Frac @ the plumbbob keep.  I am awe of it, truly!  And I cannnot wait for the Weavers to begin spreading their furniture and baskets throughout Celestia!

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